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Fred Alan Wolf:

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The American physicist Fred Alan Wolf deals with the mind-body problem from the point of view of Quantum Theory. It includes intriguing theses, such as: the future already exists and the past is continually being recreated. The first part introduces the fantastic worlds of Quantum Theory and Relativity Theory and their apparent paradoxes. Most of the focus of the first part is on time: time cannot be observed, because there is no operator for time in Quantum Theory (there is an operator for "space") and, in Relativity, time is merely a coordinate that helps define the geometry of spacetime.
The second part deals with the mind and its connection with matter. Wolf emphasizes how reality exists only insofar as we experience it, not independently of us, and how the past is agnostic towards the future in Quantum Theory. Wolf then attempts to found a sort of "quantum psychology", a psychology that recognizes the tenets of modern Physics instead of the proved inconsistencies of classical Physics. His psychophysics extends to prove eternal life and reincarnation, something Frank Tipler had already tried.
The book is written in plain English with plenty of examples. The first part reads like an ideal introduction to the challenges and mysteries of modern science. The second part is a little too ready to endorse the most exotic theories with an enthusiasm that is best suited for science fiction than for science.

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