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("Somewhere" is not a place)
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The best memory of the 2014 summer is from University Pass, a godforsaken trail-less pass in the High Sierra (at about 4,000 meters of altitude). I was hiking (or, better, scrambling) alone (yet again) and a strong moon projected my shadow so big and deformed that it was confusing my steps. Such a disproportionate shadow made my body look irrelevant. I started wondering whether there is something similar for the soul, a projection of the soul on the surroundings that is so big and deformed to make my real soul irrelevant.
...with a few exceptions, these hikes were not on a trail...
(This time i listed them in inversed chronological order, otherwise my yearly "best of" pages always start with the short spring hikes that can be misleading)
My guarantee: No Instagram No Photoshop No Filters, just the way it is.

Race Track, Death Valley

Marble Canyon:

Marble Canyon:

Marble Canyon:

Marble Canyon:

Race Track:

Race Track:

Panamint Sand Dunes, Death Valley

The sand dunes:

Lake Hill:

Split Mt (4285m)

Red Lake:

Split Mt:

The Palisades:

Cloudripper (4122m), Palisades

Bull Lake:

Chocolate Mountain reflected in Chocolate Lake 3:

The seven lakes basin:

The Palisades:

Bishop Pass lakes and Chocolate Lakes:

Banner Peak, Ansel Adams Wilderness

Thousand Island Lake & Garnett Lake:

Thousand Island Lake:

Garnett Lake:

Catherine Lake:

Banner Peak & Thousand Island Lake:

Garnett Lake:

Kuna Peak, Yosemite

The lake on the southern side:

Mono Lake:

Helen Lake and Spillway Lake:

Tuolumne Falls and Waterwheel Falls, Yosemite

Tuolumne Falls:

Tuolumne Falls:

Unicorn Peak:

Unicorn Peak and Cathedral Peak:

Waterwheel Falls:

Junction Peak (4233m)

Lake Robinson:

At the lake in Center Basin:

Panorama from University Pass (Mt Keith to Mt Stanford) :

Panorama south to Mt Williamson and Mt Whitney:

Great Western Divide with Caltech Peak:

Mt Stanford (4259m)

Mt Stanford all the way to the right:

The last lake on the way to Mt Stanford:

Great Western Divide, Mt Erickson and Harrison Pass:

View north to University Pass and Center Peak:

View south with Whitney at the very end:

Mt Russell's east face (4294m)

The blade:

The blade:

Lake Tulainyo, the highest lake in the contiguous USA:

Lake Tulainyoand its icy companion:

The Blade:

Panorama with Whitney and Russell:

Whitney and the Great Western Divide:

Williamson and Owens Valley:

White Mountain Peak (4344m)

Jeffery Mine canyon:

Middle Palisade (4271m), Eastern Sierra

Palisade Crest and Mt Sill at dawn:

Brainerd Lake:

Finger Lake:

Finger Lake:

The Palisades:

The Palisades:

Sixty Lakes Basin, Kings Canyon

Rae Lakes:

Sixty lakes basin:

Waterfall on the way to Glen Pass:

Aquamarine lake:

View from Glen Pass:

Mt Brewer and North Guard:

Gardiner Basin:

Gardiner Basin and Rae Lakes:

Mt Shasta via Cascade Gulch

Shastina and Shasta:

Castle Dome, Castle Crags Park

Castle Crags:

Castle Dome:

Mt Shasta:

Vado Camp, Ventana Wilderness

Big Sur:

Yucca flower:

Waterfall at Pico Blanco Camp:

Tomales Point, Pt Reyes

Western coastline:

Tomales Point:

Island in Tomales Bay:


Mt Tamalpais from Alpine Lake


Alpine Lake:

Sykes Hot Springs

This is my least favorite hike of the year (decade?) so i really don't know which picture to pick:

Kaiser Peak

Bobby Lake (the double one) and Bonnie Lake:

Tennessee Cove, Muir Beach, Rodeo Beach

Tennessee Cove:

Rodeo Beach:

Hiker of the year is Scott, who died on the Mont Blanc on September 12.
He was from Australia, living in San Francisco, ready to move to Syria
working for the United Nations, spending a few days of vacation
in Switzerland and France...

But also Summer, for tagging along on some of my most stupid ideas:

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