Review of Scanmyphotos service

I used to digitize about 6,000 pictures that were ten to twenty years old.

Mostly ok service. I only list the negatives so you know what to expect:

The last point is the most annoying one. My $30 ten-year old home scanner does a better job. They must be using a really lousy scanner.

Better than nothing, of course, but don't expect to throw away the originals: the originals still look a lot (a lot) better.

For a hefty price, Scanmyphotos offers to improve the quality of the pictures. I haven't tried that because the base price is already so steep, and i don't think there is anything they can do to remove the "blur". If you have the negatives of the pictures, for that price you might be better off simply printing again those negatives on a photo developing website. Most of them include a DVD with the digital files. This is guaranteed to give you the best result.

Piero Scaruffi, 2009