Giacomo Balla

"Dynamism of A Dog on a Leash" (1912)

"Abstract Speed - The Car Has Passed" (1913)

"light of the Swallows" (1913)

"Speeding Automobile, Auto en Course, Etude de Vitesse" (1913)

"Swifts, Paths of Movement and Dynamic Sequences" (1913)

"Plastic Construction of Noise and Speed" (1915)

"Black and White Futurist Forcefield" (1916)

"Alberi Mutilati" (1918)

"Form-Spirit Transformation" (1918)

"Ragazza che Corre al Balcone" (1912)

"Vitesse d'une automobile + Lumiere/ Speeding car plus light" (1913)

"Lines of Movement and Dynamic Succession" (1913)
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