Egyptiam Museum, Cairo

Narmer's tablet (3,000 BC)

Statue of Hetepdief (27th c BC)

Libyan Tribute tablet (3,000 BC)

The scribe Ptahshepses (24th c BC)

Mersuankh and daughters (24th c BC)

Menkaura triad (25th c BC)

Scribe (25th c BC)

Statue of Khafra (25th c BC)

Statue of Ranofer (25th c BC)

Statue of Queen Nofret (26th c BC)

Statue of Queen Nofret (19th c BC)

Statue of Mentuhotep II (21st c BC)

Ukh-hotep's family (19th c BC)

Amenemhat III (19th c BC)

The Ka of Auibra-hor (18th c BC)

Thutmosis IV and his mother (14th c BC)

Amenhotep and Meretseger (15th c BC)

Sennefer and his wife (14th c BC)

Sphinx of Thutmosis III (15th c BC)

Sphinx of Hatshepsut I (15th c BC)

Colossus of Amenhotep IV (14th c BC)

Horhotep (4th c BC)

Osiris (7th c BC)

Taweret (6th c BC)

Hor (8th c BC)

Oldest hieroglyphs: tablet of king Zet (3100 BC)

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