Joan Miro

The Farm (1922)

The Ploughed Field (1924)

"Head of a Catalan Peasant" (1925)

Dutch Interior I (1928)



"Women and Birds at Sunrise"

"The Poetess"

"Paysage Catalan/ Hunter" (1924)

"Figures at Night Guided by the Phosphorescent Tracks of Snails" (1940)

"The Nightingale's Song at Midnight and the Morning Rain"

Chiffres et Constellations Amoureux d'une Femme (1941)

Terre Labouree` (1924)

Harlequin's Carnival (1925)

Dog Barking at the Moon (1926)

" Rope and People, I" (1935)

"Paysage" (1938)

"Women Encircled by the Flight of a Bird" (1941)

Bleu II (1961)

Joan Miro's "Oiseau" (1973)

Joan Miro's "Oiseau" (1973)

Joan Miro's "Oiseau" (1973)
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