Thinking about Thought (2014)

The Structure of Life and the Meaning of Matter

Towards a Unified Understanding of Life, Mind and Matter

a book written by Piero Scaruffi

This is a new edition (in four volumes) of the book "The Nature of Consciousness" 2006).

Vol.1 Brain: ISBN-13: 978-1503361065
Vol.2 Life: ISBN-13: 978-1503362000
Vol.3 Matter: ISBN-13: 978-1503362079
Vol.4 Consciousness: ISBN-13: 978-1503362161

A comprehensive and up-to-date overview of Cognitive Science, Neurobiology, Linguistics, Philosophy of Mind, Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Physics, Relativity, Thermodynamics, Evolutionism, theories of dreams, theories of emotions and theories of consciousness.

If you get it from Amazon, make sure you get the new edition in four volumes, not the very old one in one volume: Vol1 Brain, Vol2 Life, Vol3 Matter, and Vol4 Consciousness.

If you already own "The Nature of Consciousness" (ISBN 978-0976553113), this is basically a new revised and expanded edition of that book. Go to the index and click on the various chapters to decide whether it is worth it for you to have the new edition.

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Volume 1 contains the following chapters:
1. Mind And Matter
2. Cognition: A General Property Of Matter
3. Inside The Brain
4. Memory: The Mind's Growth
5. Machine Intelligence
6. Common Sense: Engineering The Mind
7. Connectionism And Neural Machines
8. Language: Minds Speak
9. The History Of Language: Why We Speak
10. Metaphor: How We Speak
11. Pragmatics: What We Speak
12. Meaning: A Journey To The Center Of The Mind
A Timeline of Neuroscience
A Timeline of Artificial Intelligence

Volume 2 contains the following chapters:
1. Ecological Realism: The Embodied Mind
2. The Evolution Of Life: Of Designers And Designs
3. The Physics Of Life
4. Altruism: From Endosymbiosis To Sociobiology

Volume 3 contains the following chapters:
1. Self-Organization And The Science Of Emergence
2. The New Physics: The Ubiquitous Asymmetry

Volume 4 contains the following chapters:
1. Dreams
2. Emotions
3. The History Of Consciousness
4. Consciousness: The Factory Of Illusions
5. The Physics Of Consciousness
6. The Self And Free Will
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Author's biography:

Piero Scaruffi studied Mathematics and Physics, but spent over 20 years in Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science. He has been a visiting scholar at Harvard and Stanford, lectured in three continents, published several books, and pioneered practical applications of Artificial Intelligence. He has written extensively about music, cinema and painting, and published a few books of poetry. He has traveled to more than 150 countries of the world. Among his non-scientific books, the best sellers are A History of Rock Music and A History of Silicon Valley.

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