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Discography of
New Age, Electronic, and Ambient Music

Compiled by Piero Scaruffi

Significant contributions by Harvey Chinn, Mark Fonda, Rocco Stilo, Eric Alan Meece, Arden Moser, Evgeny Zolin.
Updated March 2000 | comments and suggestions

Jazz Music
Editor: Piero Scaruffi

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I have compiled a file with the complete discographies of over 600 new age and electronic music artists. For each artist the discography lists all of her/his recordings (under her/his name) with the date of release and a personal rating from * to ***** (***** meaning excellent).
It might also be useful for people who want suggestions on where to start.

This discography was originally compiled for the new edition of my book on new age, electronic, ambient and panethnic music, which came out in Italy in 1996. Each entry had a bio and critical analysis plus a discography. What you find here is only the discography (the rating in the discography summarizes the analysis).

Ambient music is covered only to some extent.

Special Lists:

Thanks to all the people who provided information.


Discography of New Age, Electronic, and Ambient Music
Compiled by Piero Scaruffi ( Email)
Maintained with the help of Harvey Chinn