Main technical papers presented at conferences and lectures

by piero scaruffi

(See also his published books)

Butera, Scaruffi: "Computer-aided tuning in an expert system for software configuration" (Vienna, Third SPIE Symposium, 1986)

Logiudice, Scaruffi: "Knowledge Modules: a structure for representing the granularity of real-world knowledge" (Montreal, Sixth Canadian Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 1986)

Donalisio, Petrone, Scaruffi: "A framework to build expert systems for decision support" (Boston, Second Conference on Applications of A.I., 1987)

Scaruffi: "Expert Systems for Management" (Osaka, Japanese Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 1987)

Butera, Iacono, Scaruffi: "A model-based heuristic approach to board troubleshooting" (Detroit, Expert Systems in Manufacturing, 1988)

Scaruffi, Steccanella, Barbetti: (Madrid, Knowledge Engineering Workshop, 1988) "A model of knowledge communication for building intelligent tutoring systems"

Ronchi, Butera, Frascari, Scaruffi: "A dual-blackboard architecture for tele-diagnosis" (Artificial Intelligence in Design and Manufacturing [vol.1/2, Academic Press], 1988)

Scaruffi: "The new wave of personal distributed intelligence" (ACM Computational Intelligence, 1988)

Scaruffi, Barbetti: "A domain-independent framework for tutoring systems" (ACM/AIE IEA, 1989)

Chiantore, Perotto, Resta, Scaruffi "An expert system for product configuration" (World Congress on Expert Systems, 1991)

Qian, Russi, Scaruffi: "Generation of production rules from neural networks" (Intl Symposium on Methodologies for Intelligent Systems, 1991)

Scaruffi: "Towards unification of cognitive and physical sciences: cognition as a property of matter" (Cognitive Society Conference:, 1996)

Scaruffi: "The Factory of Illusions: artificial and natural creativity" (Berliner Festspiele 2000, 1999)

Scaruffi: Consciousness as multi-track evolution (Conference on Consciousness, 2001)

Scaruffi: A reductionist explanation of the self (Conference on Consciousness, 2001)

Scaruffi: The experimental study of consciousness (Conference on Consciousness, 2001)

Scaruffi: Hostility and Identity (Mutamorphosis, 2007)

List of main lectures and seminars on Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Science and Theories of the Mind:

October 1999: U.C. Berkeley, Extensions, USA

September 1998: U.C. Berkeley, Extensions, USA

April 1998: California Institute for Integral Studies, USA

April 1997: U.C. Berkeley, Extensions, USA

October 1990: Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Department of Systems, Colombia

May 1989: University of Cagliari, Department of Philosophy, Italy

August 1988: Monterey Institute for International Studies, USA

May 1987: University of Bari, Department of Mathematics, Italy

List of theses supervised:

Supervised about 20 graduate theses jointly with faculty members of Italian Universities:

1982) Turin: "A keyed file system for optimized relational access"

1982) Turin: "A syntax-driven editor for a data management system"

1984) Turin: "A semantic network based architecture for document retrieval"

1985) Pisa: "Partitioning a knowledge base into knowledge modules"

1985) Pisa: "An expert system for quality assurance"

1986) Pisa: "An integrated parser for text understanding"

1987) Pisa: "An expert system for board troubleshooting"

1987) Pisa: "A dual-frame architecture for text understanding"

1987) Pisa: "A framework for building intelligent decision support systems"

1988-90) etc etc