Artist in Residence Program for PIL

·      Description of the lab

·      Title of the program

·      Keywords

·      Potential partners

·      Art framework



Description of Peace Innovation Lab

·           A novel definition of peace: not just the absence of conflict, but positive engagement and sustainable collaboration

•    A computational approach to peace is possible because we can have data

•    “Peace data”: data that represent positive engagement between individuals or groups

•    We deploy “sensors” about the way people interact and collect “peace” data

•    We study data and determine which processes increase “peaceful behavior” and then use technology to create those processes (for example, trust algorithms)

•    We measure patterns of behavior and try to design (positive) behavior

•    Design thinking applied to “wicked” problems such as healthcare and refugees

•    We operate through city labs around the world (there is no physical office at Stanford)




A title for the artist in residence program:

CHAT =  Computation, Humanities, Arts & Technology program

Interdisciplinary/ Positive/ Innovation/ Design/ something



Keywords: synergy, collaboration, trust, civic engagement, sensors, sharing, self-organizing, behavior design, trade, altruism, solidarity, empathy, bonding, networking



Art Framework

What we expect from the artists: art that engages with the audience and somehow "measures" the engagement.

Intensive 2-week long program



Potential partners/venues for cobranding the program and exhibiting the results. If they already have an AIR, this could be a “module” in their existing program, and the artists could be selected among the ones who have already been accepted.

·      Stanford Ventura Hall (H*) for residence and exhibiting

·      PACE Gallery Palo Alto (for residence and exhibiting)

·      Institute for the Future (for residence, cobranding and exhibiting)

·      Cantor Museum (for exhibiting)

·      CCRMA (for residence and exhibiting)

·      Leonardo ISAST (for cobranding)

·      LAST Festival (for exhibiting)

·      Autodesk Pier 9 (for residence, cobranding and exhibiting)

·      Montalvo (for residence, cobranding and exhibiting)

·      Adobe Creative Residency (for residence, cobranding and exhibiting)

·      Manylabs gallery in SF (for exhibiting)

· (for cobranding)

·      GoogleX (for residence, cobranding and exhibiting)