June 2017

We have accumulated a lot of material and we have been trying to organize it in a manageable format.

We think that this can already be useful to everybody, and in any case we welcome feedback.

So we turned it into a webpage of Piero's website. This page cannot be accessed from any other page of the website, so it's sort of private, but you are welcome to forward the link to anyone else: http://www.scaruffi.com/peace

It contains these sections:

  • Next interviews: We thought of posting the forthcoming interviews in case Rosanna or anyone else wants to join us.
  • Interviews: These are the ones we've done, and we thought of summarizing what we learned from each scholar. (Mark, Margarita and Rosanna provided us with the bulk of the outline, see later)
  • Documents and Presentations: Here you find Jinxia's PPT in constant progress (her own interpretation of the PIL) and my outrageous 10-minute executive summary (an evolving experiment)
  • Book outline: That contains everything we learned and everything we want to investigate, trying to organize it in chapters
  • Lectures, Workshops and Panels: We'll collect ideas on possible PIL public events
  • Conference and Festival: We are very confident that this could be organized. Of course it would require a budget.
  • Artists in Residence Program: This too can be done, and even without a budget.
  • Our Mission: we keep rewriting different version of it in our own words
  • About: just a link to PIL's website