Tentative table of contents


1. Piero Scaruffi: A Technological History of Peace

2. Allen Weiner: Two main factors cause conflict: competing interests

and threats to identity

3. Robert Sapolsky: Biology behind conflict and cooperation

4. Manuela Travaglianti: Causes of conflict and downside of technology

5. Rosanna Guadagno: Social psychology of technology

6. Margarita Quihuis: Behavior Design

7. X (Sharad Goel, Claudio Cioffi-Revilla, David Lazer, Hanna Wallach):

Introduction to Computational Social Science

Neeraj Sonalkar: Symbolic computation of social interactions

8. Mark Nelson: Technology to measure and improve peace

9. Mark Nelson: Peace Tech Framework

10. Howard Rheingold: Technologies of Cooperation

11. Paolo Parigi: Quantifying reputation and trust

Steve Omohundro: Trust Technology via blockchain

12. Steve Omohundro: Empathy and Technology

Jinxia Niu: Technologies for empathy

13. Margarita Quihuis: Relationship between Peace and Innovation

14. Mark Nelson: Cooperative Design Thinking and The Peace Design


15. Anne Riechert: Cities are always unfinished and incomplete projects

16. Paolo Parigi: Case study. Uber and Airbnb.

17. ? : Case study. Facebook peace tech experiment.

18. Margarita Quihuis: Google’s peace tech experiment.

19. Robert Horn: Social Messes/ Wicked Problems

20. Piero Scaruffi: Phase Transitions in Multiagent Systems

21. Ade Mabogunje: Designing systematic innovationNeeraj Sonalkar: New methods of developing ecosystems of


22. Don Norman: The transition to a sustainable society will require new

ways of designing that are informed by a deep understanding of local

ecosystems and culture

23. Robert Sapolsky: Technology can boost peace if it helps empathize

with the lives of others

24. Chris Bennett: Game design thinking at the intersection of gamedesign science, behavior design, and neuroscience

25. Ken Taylor: Normativity, the social technology for coordinating people

26. Jinxia Niu: The viral effects of kindness. A critical mass of

"awakening" can cause a phase transition