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A brief History of Western Philosophy and Physics:

Descartes: Mind vs Body
Spinoza: God is Nature
Leibniz: Monads
Hume: Skepticism
Locke: Empiricism
Berkeley: It's all in your mind
Kant: Innate categories determine what we know
Hegel: Dialectics
Kierkegaard: Doubt
Schopenhauer: The Will
Neitzsche: God is dead
Peirce: Pragmatism
Husserl: Phenomenology
Heidegger: The Dasein
Wittgenstein: Language
Sartre: Existentialism
Galileo: Uniform linear motion
Newton: Mass, Gravitation
Thermodynamics: Entropy
Maxwell: The field

Special Relativity: c is the maximum velocity, time and space are relative to the observer, E=mc2

General Relativity: Masses warp spacetime, spacetime's geometry drives masses, black holes, wormholes, the big bang

Quantum Mechanics: Wave-particle duality, probability, collapse of the wave, indeterminacy, entanglement, vacuum fluctuations

Particles: Strings, quarks