Essays, Analyses and Meditations

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  1. A revolution is started by people who don't have what they want and hijacked by people who don't want what they have
  2. There is a limit to human intelligence, but there is no limit to human stupidity
  3. A fundamental property of life is the ability to predict the future.
  4. Most books are about aspects of human knowledge. Few people write books about human ignorance, despite the fact that there would be much more to write about.
  5. We are not Nature's only experiment, but we may be one of the few that will fail
  6. Cogito. Ergo I am feasible.
  7. People tend to talk about what people tend to talk about
  8. We are what we find, not what we search for.
  9. Life is about finding solutions to solvable problems. What is more interesting is finding solutions to unsolvable problems.
  10. We are doomed not only to repeat history but to never understand our role in it.
  11. The first step to finding a solution is to admit that there is a problem
  12. When we go back to a place in space, it looks different. If i could go back to a moment in time, would it feel different? Would it be me?
  13. Every point in the universe is a solution to an equation
  14. Each of us is a lifelong project to build a coherent theory on top of a blatant contradiction.
  15. The severity of a problem increases exponentially with the time it takes to realize the severity of the problem
  16. We always underestimate the ingenuity of idiots
  17. If you disagree with yourself, you are always right.
  18. What we are today is a special case of what we will be tomorrow
  19. What is one expected to expect?
  20. I do not envy God
  21. Thankfully we cannot understand the universe
  22. I wrote a note to myself that i should never write notes to myself.