Alford Korzybski
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Philosophy of Mind
Philosophy of Society

  • Animals: hunters and gatherers = bind to territory, i.e."space-binders"
  • Humans: agriculture = bind to a memory of the past and prediction of the future, i.e. "time-binders"
  • Time-binding is enabled by a nervous system that is capable of constructing and manipulating symbols
  • Time-binding allows to transmit knowledge to succeeding generations
  • The rate of growth of human knowledge is exponential
  • Language allows time-binders to categorize/generalize experiences and communicate them to others
  • General Semantics to remedy the limits of language:
  • We have fewer words and concepts than experiences: we "confuse" similar situations
  • We must evaluate a situation less by intension (its category) and more by extension (its unique features)
  • We must avoid categorization/generalization and spot the unique characteristics of a situation

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