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Race and Gender in Cyberspace

    • In theory, online digital space makes us invisible to each other and therefore should remove any bias based on gender, race or ethnicity
    • However, that digital space was invented by Caucasian males and is largely created and maintained by Caucasian males
    • The transistor, the computer, the integrated circuit, the microprocessor, the operating systems, the database management systems, the Internet, the World-wide Web, the personal computer, the search engine, social media and the smartphone were all invented by white males
    • Inevitably the social and cultural techniques, not to mention the moral values, of the digital world have been inherited from the social and cultural praxes of white males (mostly Anglosaxon and Jewish)
    • Non-whites and women are de facto tourists in a space that has not been created for them and that they only minimally contribute to shape.