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The Natural, the Unnatural and Life's Destiny

  • We talk of Nature as if we were not part of it.
  • We carefully separate the human mind from Nature but Nature is an illusion of the human mind and the human mind is a product of Nature.
  • We think that we pollute nature: but aren't we part of nature? Whatever we do, isn't it an act of nature.
  • Strictly speaking, nothing can be said to be "unnatural" because everything is the consequence of natural laws, including human civilization and all of its "unnatural" features.
  • Ultimately, no behavior is "unnatural", by definition.
  • Over the last 50 years alone, we've had two close calls that we may destroy the planet: first the "nuclear holocaust" and now "climate change".
  • It is getting easier and easier for human society to destroy the planet. The odds that we will succeed increase with technological progress.
  • Whatever we end up doing, even if we destroy the whole planet, it's in our genes, and therefore it's "natural".
  • Does life always self-destroy, everywhere in the universe? Could it be that the "natural" laws of life is to self-destroy?