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Death is not a Binary Value

  • Death is not zero or one: there are degrees of death.
  • Work, entertainment (e.g. watching a movie) and even sex entail a degree of death: you surrender some of your freedom, free will and consciousness.
  • Society's rules and regulations are a way to minimize the inconvenience caused by your being alive, i.e. a way to make each of you dead to some degree while protecting all of us from death by chaos, anarchy, crime, disease, etc.
  • Fear of death pushes the individual to accept rules and regulations that reduce his life to near death
  • On the other hand, the individual is happy to do so because this semi-death means that his mind cannot focus on death
  • The individual is as afraid of life (i.e. of having choices) as of death (i.e. of no longer having any choice), which explains why he wants to avoid both, looking for protection against death while at the same time being happy to be reduced to a state of semi-death
Proof-edited by Alexander Altaras