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The Deregulation of Sexuality

  • Society has deregulated sex, which used to be a highly regulated activity (from the moment that it was sanctioned by a wedding), in fact one of the most regulated human activities.
  • A few generations ago, a girl who lost her virginity before marriage was considered something between a sick person and a prostitute. Today the situation has reversed, and a girl who is still a virgin in her twenties is considered an aberration.
  • Sex is now mainly conceived of as a pleasurable activity, and we are transitioning from an age in which sex was mainly conceived of as procreation to an age in which sex will mainly be conceived of as pleasure, no more and no less than a good meal or playing a sport.
  • Like all forms of pleasure there will be no reason not to engage in it as often as one wants, any way it provides pleasure.
  • If you don't feel pleasure in sex, then you will be treated as someone who needs professional help.
  • Not long ago homosexuals were considered sick, and "cures" were tested on them (famously, Alan Turing committed suicide after one such failed cure).
  • Given the current trend, however, it could well be that in one or two generations from now people who are disgusted by homosexuality will be considered sick and taken to the doctor to be cured.
  • Homosexuality is not genetic. Like everything else (for example, getting fat) it is certainly made more likely by genetic predisposition, but genetics alone tells you nothing about the chances that a person will become homosexual. Whether s/he lives in San Francisco or Mecca is a more telling parameter.
  • This new morality views all forms of sex not only as legitimate, but to be encouraged - as long as they provide pleasure.
  • An increasing number of people therefore think that virginity is an unnatural state because animals don't preserve it out of ethical reasons. This is a dangerous argument as animals engage in many sexual activities that humans of the 21st century consider immoral, e.g. rape and sex with underage girls.
Proof-edited by Alexander Altaras