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You are an Abstraction

  • Science grounds Nature (including humans) into Physics and Geometry;
  • Then both Physics and Geometry get grounded into Algebra.
  • This means that reality first becomes "laws of nature" which in turn become mere mental abstractions.
  • First, we quantify the universe and then we abstract it.
  • The collective reality of the world that we experience becomes the collective mental operations that the human mind can perform.
  • Objects become both abstractions and abstract relations among abstractions in space and time.
  • This system works well for us to control inert non-sentient matter.
  • Science (in the form of sociology, biology, economics, medicine, etc) also turns humans into matter, and, as a result, makes it easier, using the same paradigm, to analyze how that "matter" (this time a living sentient matter) operates.
  • First, we become mere numbers, then we become mere abstractions.
Proof-edited by Alexander Altaras