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The Competition between News and Adverts

  • We are opposed to corporations polluting air or water, but we accept that corporations pollute the flow of information (with ads)
  • "Sponsors" determine which information channels exist and therefore which information flows.
  • The news basically gets divided into bad news, which is about happenings in the real world, and good news, which is in the advertising sections.
  • Ads compete with news for attention, therefore an ad has to be aesthetically more pleasant and textually more shocking than regular news. The commercial on the radio and television have become increasingly sophisticated over the decades, to the point that spectators are often more interested in the commercials than in the regular programming. The first massive use of graphics and video on the Internet has been for advertising.
  • The more information you get, the less interested you are in ads unless they represent a quantum leap forward in format, visual presentation, etc.
Proof-edited by Alexander Altaras