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Living Longer, Healthier... and more Selfish Lives

  • An increasing number of people is investing money, time and resources into making sure that they can prolong their lives by a few years, who are striving to live 1% or 2% longer than the average life span.
  • Ironically, these are mostly people who don't believe in an afterlife, i.e. they don't believe that human life makes any sense (which, logically, would lead to the conclusion that living an extra years makes no difference).
  • Ironically, these are often people with a frantic lifestyle that allows for little or no spare time. Their lives are mostly spent working for someone else's ideas and wealth.
  • They also live in an age in which generations forget their ancestors much faster than in the past. Ancestors used to be worshipped or at least remembered long after dead through periodic events and frequent visits to the graveyard, but now the living rapidly forget about the dead.
  • The human race is now an urban race, and cemeteries are located outside towns, which means that, even if we wanted to, we visit our dead family members much more infrequently than previous generations for whom the cemetery was part of the community.
  • These are often selfish people, who react to an epidemic by frantically trying to protect themselves, not by offering help to the victims. In other words, these are often the most useless people of a society.