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Art as the Tool to Communicate Consciousness

  • Language is a tool for social communication: one individual communicates information to another individual. This is a fantastic tool (because it duplicates a good, that now exists both in the speakers and in the listener) but it is not a tool to communicate effectively the most intimate experience ("what it is like to be me").
  • Art conveys a different kind of information. By definition, if it were possible to say it in prose, it would be pointless to play it or rhyme it or sculp it...
  • Art is about some meaning that cannot be expressed in prose, and there is only one thing that is "opaque", that i can never possibly know: how it feels to be you.
  • Art is the tool to communicate the "what it is like to be me" kind of experience.
  • Art might have originated precisely to communicate this very primitive feeling that cannot be communicated with language (and probably was even less to communicate with the primitive languages available thousands of years ago).
  • Your art makes others feel what it is like to be you.
  • Musical instruments and chalk were the first "user interfaces"
  • Art also protected the individual from being shaped by the outside world. By doing art, the individual could reenact ad libitum his or her true identity.
  • That, of course, before artists started making art for the sake of art, frequently "cheating" about their true identity in order to comply with the ruling aesthetic dogmas, movements, schools, etc.