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There is no Doing and no Undoing.

  • There are infinite possible lives and infinite possible moments within each life.
  • Each of the moments that actually happen is special because it was so unlikely to happen.
  • If you try to plan your day, it is impossible because so many unpredictable details will make each moment different from the way you planned it.
  • You interact a million times each day with other people, with the biosphere, and, ultimately, with every star in the sky, even the stars that you cannot see.
  • At the end of the day you have lived a completely different day than the one you planned.
  • When we spend a moment together, it is ever more special: it was mathematically impossible that two of these very special moments became one; but they did.
  • The odds that we would be in the same place at the same time and interact are almost zero.
  • The whole biosphere, all the stars and the entire universe must "agree" to our living that moment together. If just one tiny thing in the universe had behaved slightly differently in the past, we would have never met; and maybe we would have never existed.
  • The moment that we spent together defies mathematics: it is impossible that it existed.
  • Every moment is also special because it is irreversible.
  • You can never live the same moment in the same place again.
  • But that's what we are: a flow of moments that we call "I" but that is actually "They"; and that we can never play back again.
  • There is no doing ("they" do) and no undoing.