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The Irrelevance of Time

  • I think the human race was not meant to have spare time: people don't know what to do with their spare time.
  • People are afraid of not having anything to do.
  • People are also afraid of being lonely because, ultimately, people are not comfortable with themselves.
  • Therefore people try to structure their spare time into irrelevant activities that alleviate the burden of having nothing to do and, at the same time, avoid the dreadful state of being alone with their self.
  • Their justification is that all of life is irrelevant. Basically, life is just passing time while waiting to die.
  • As people were given more "spare time", they also started realizing that they don't really like their friends and relatives. They don't like other humans, in general.
  • The ideal compromise between being alone and having friends is to have superficial relationships. People need other people, but don't really want to have to deal with their problems.
  • Social networking software is ideal because it does not involve the obligation of cultivating a friendship over a long period of time. One can remain superficial and largely anonymous and still participate. Social networking software is the perfect product for people who don't know what to do with their spare time.
  • The people who know what to do with their spare time (and never have enough) are usually the ones who change the world. However, one could argue that it is just as irrelevant.