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The Rule of the Dumb

  • The world used to be ruled by the strong and/or the clever ones.
  • The weak allied against the strong and created the morality of altruism, fairness, justice, etc.
  • Something similar happened in the realm of intelligence. The dumb ones allied against the smart ones and started demanding a society that does not require to be a genius in order to survive and succeed.
  • The single-minded purpose of society is to defend stupidity at all costs from any infiltration of common sense.
  • In developing countries you can interfere with the system whenever you feel that it is not working properly; whereas in developed countries there are barriers, even bulletproof glass windows and security guards, to protect people's stupidity and make sure that you cannot remedy it.
  • Dumb people demand a system that is idiot-proof, that delivers no matter how dumb you are.
  • Developing countries are places that make it difficult even for geniuses to succeed. Developed countries are places that make it easy even for idiots to succeed.