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The Invisible Technology of the Future

  • The future of technology will be invisible: our main tool to control society will be knowledge (a non-material tool) and it will be stored in the "cloud", and accessed via brain-machine interfaces; meanwhile, increasingly small devices ("nanobots") will perform many of the functions to control our bodies.
  • Nanodevices will colonize the human body at the same time that the human body will colonize cyberspace through them.
  • The human body will be connected with existing objects (the technology of the past), as well as with the cloud and the nanobots.
  • The world will become a peer-to-peer network of bodies, objects, apps, clouds, etc.
  • The human body will become just one of many participants in a vast P2P network.
  • The primacy of the human experience over object "experience" will dissipate as the human body dissipates in the overall network.