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The Biggest Ecological Disaster: The Human Race

  • Besides destroying the natural environment, humans also kill 60 billion mammals and birds every year to eat them.
  • US citizens alone keep in captivity 158 million fish, 94 million cats, 90 million dogs, 20 million birds, 10 million reptiles and 8 million horses. Most dogs and cats are neutered/spayed. Most dogs are kept locked in a room or, at best, a backyard, and allowed to walk outside only leashed.
  • The rest of the world keeps in captivity approximately as many dogs and twice as many cats and fish, and many more birds (as well as 20,000 elephants). The grand total is about one billion animals kept in captivity by humans.
  • The biggest natural disaster on Earth is not earthquakes, floods, volcanic eruptions, etc: it is the human race.