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Fake News is the Hallmark of Human Civilization

  • Novels, painting and even music are about things that don't exist in nature.
  • We award prizes to writers who tell stories about events that never happened and about people who never existed.
  • We admire painters who distort nature, invent imaginary events or imagine real events in their own way.
  • We enjoy symphonies and sonatas that are sounds that never existed in nature.
  • In fact, we teach schoolchildren about these forgers, and present them as great minds.
  • We present their works, which are basically distortions of reality, as supreme achievements of the human mind.
  • We write lengthy celebratory histories of how narrative, visual and sonic forgery evolved over the centuries.
  • We abhor a society in which writer are only allowed to write the truth, painters are only allowed to paint the truth, and so on. All writers would write the same stories and all painters would paint the same paintings.
  • The human mind seems programmed to distort truth and to enjoy falsehood, and to reward as geniuses those who do it best
  • The whole history of religions is a history of fake news that spread amazingly rapidly.
  • Religions are fake news that is taught at home, taught in schools, recognized and protected by the state, and often even mandatory.
  • Fake news is the natural product of the human mind, and it is what the human mind values most.