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Brains Create Identical Objects

  • We have been (slowly but steadily) turning the universe into one giant set of patterns that can be managed with a giant repertory of algorithms.
  • But patterns don't exist in nature. No two trees are identical. No two branches are identical. No two leaves are identical. No two roots are identical. No two rocks are identical. No two mountains are identical. No two rivers are identical.
  • Last but not least, no two genomes are alike (no, not even identical twins, as their DNA starts diverging from the moment they are born through endless mutations). Nature specializes in creating unique things: you are almost guaranteed that a copy of you never existed and never will.
  • There are no patterns, just an infinite multitude of shapes.
  • Our brains are not good at recognizing patterns but at inventing patterns.
  • The universe is not mathematical at all: it is a chaotic cacophony of irregular objects.
  • Mathematics, arithmetic, geometry are human inventions, fictions of the human brain.
  • One plus one does not equal two because two identical things don't exist.
  • Once we invent a pattern, we also invent a technology, i.e. an algorithm, to deal with the pattern.
  • Our industries, unlike nature, produce identical artifacts all the time.
  • Human brains are slowly but steadily creating an alternative universe in which identical things not only exists but are the norm.
  • Human brains are all different but they are conspiring to create a universe of identical mass-produced things.
  • Is there any other force in the universe that strives to create identical objects instead of the chaotic shapes of nature?