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All Men are Rapists

  • Rape was so common in ancient times that most likely each of us has the genes of at least one rapist
  • This may also explain why sex is so appealing to modern humans
  • After all, sex is a bodily function that is not much more noble than eating and defecating
  • Natural selection rewarded those who were obsessed with sex, i.e. the rapists: they are the ones who populated the world, and today's men have the genes of that sex obsession
  • Natural selection does not necessarily favor traits that are morally good: natural selection favors traits that improve reproductive success
  • Each of us descends from at least one successful rapist, and has, in part, the rape instinct
  • Your brain has a circuit that wants you to rape women
  • This also explains why human societies have not been able to put an end to rape the way we put an end to, say, slavery
  • Rape has often been crucial for ethnic cleansing, to subjugate conquered peoples and to spread religions
  • Rape was punished within a tribe/nation but used as a weapon against other tribes/nations
  • Rape was used to stabilize a society while that society was expanding and incorporating other societies
  • Rape was banned in order to stabilize a society when that society stopped expanding and was more interested in consolidating
  • The human psyche has been shaped by many specialized adaptations
  • The wider availability of abortion may be the most efficient tool yet to eliminate the genes of rape from the human population, i.e. to foster natural selection of a non-raping race