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The Age of Loneliness

  • Modern western life has turned family into an option and friendship into a transient quality. Therefore the culture of loneliness, and the need to organize the spare time of the rapidly expanding masses of single people living far from family and surrounded by superficial friends.
  • An increasing number of people live by themselves, drive alone to work, work in a cubicle, eat alone: these used to be crowded activities in previous centuries.
  • Organized activities for singles (such as gyms and dance clubs and most of what is organized via social networking software) have two drawbacks: they inevitably lead to loneliness later in life, and don't prepare people for that lonely life.
  • They also turn spare time into a routine (work had already been turned into a routine by previous generations). This makes life completely predictable. Removing the unpredictable from life means removing the very essence of the human experience.
  • The highest rates of suicide are to be found in the former communist countries of Eastern Europe because these people were raised by communist regimes to expect the system would take care of them. Now that life has become unpredictable under capitalist systems, they don't know how to cope with the stress.
  • The organization of spare time in modern western life is doing something similar to communism. It doesn't do it to your finances but it does it to your spare time. It tries to completely remove the stress of "having fun".
  • People need to organize their spare time when they live unhappy lives. The more unhappy the more desperate to find something to do.
  • The more predictable you make your life, the more similar it is to death.
  • Individuals are becoming active seekers of ways to be passive participants.
  • For most people now the most difficult thing is to be comfortable alone with themselves. Loneliness and silence are poetry to some, but hell to most.
  • Were we immortal, we would all commit suicide.