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Life is a Soliloquy

  • We carefully separate the human mind from Nature, but Nature is an illusion of the human mind, and the human mind is a product of Nature.
  • Both Relativity and Quantum Physics assign a key role to the observer: reality is relative to the observer (according to Relativity), and the observer creates reality through the act of measurement (according to Quantum Physics).
  • This is a loop of spirit creating matter that creates (or at least shapes) spirit
  • We interact with our own creation. And that interaction is the self.
  • If i were Nature instead of being the observer, i would see it the other way around: "I, Nature, interact with my own creation, the observer."
  • Life is a soliloquy
  • The "I" and Nature are two opposite ways to look at the same essence (the "aware" one and the "unaware" one)
  • The difference between the "I" and Nature is that the "I" dies, the "I" is only temporary, and the "I" thinks that Nature will persist. However, there is no scientific evidence that Nature (as i perceive it) already existed before or will still exist after my life.