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Universal Connectiveness

  • Facebook already has (2010) 500 million users and is growing by about one million users a month. At this pace in three or four years it will include everybody who is on the Internet (there are two billion users of the Internet).
  • At some point every human being will be on the Internet, and every human being will be on Facebook.
  • At the same time the number of friends that people have kept increasing. If Facebook does not limit the number of friends (if Facebook does, some other networking software will emerge that will not), eventually the day will come that everybody is a friend to everybody else.
  • That day the whole planet will be connected. For the first time it will be possible to send a message to every other human being.
  • In a sense that day already came when the World Wide Web was invented: ordinary people (like me) were suddenly able to post a sentence that potentially everybody in the world could read.
Proof-edited by Alexander Altaras