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The Reverse of Entropy

  • The entire history of the universe is a process of decay and erosion caused by the second law of thermodynamics (that entropy never decreases).
  • If a universe exists where the law of entropy is reversed, there everything is immortal and constantly improves.
  • The spiral is the way nature bypasses the second law of thermodynamics. The spiral is the fundamental shape of life, and of growth in general.
  • The spiral is the strategy to create order out of an increasingly disordered universe.
  • Spirals are pervasive in nature, from shells to vortexes to galaxies.
  • The spiral is a dynamic form that expresses growth (unlike, say, the circle or the ellipsis).
  • It is a kind of recursive growth that arises from a positive feedback.
  • Nature has a preference for the Fibonacci series and the Golden Ratio, that both origin spirals.
  • The universe in which the law of entropy is reversed exists inside the universe in which the law of entropy mandates decay. One wonders if this universe is in turn just a spiral in another universe in which the law of entropy is reversed and mandates eternal growth. And so forth.