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Education as Reeducation

  • Universities are becoming similar to city states.
  • Campuses schedule enough educational and non-educational activities for their students to completely congest their lives.
  • The college does not just provide an education to its students, but also monopolizes the education of its students: the students are de facto forbidden from getting any kind of education elsewhere.
  • The students don't have physically time to attend a lecture at another educational institution, or an exhibition at a museum, or a demonstration at a company's research laboratories (unless the college facilitates it).
  • The universities monopolize not only the education of the students but also their social life.
  • When one is exposed to only one "teacher", it amounts to more than education: it is brainwashing.
  • When one is consistently guided in one's spare time, it is more than entertainment: it is communist-style reeducation.
  • Colleges shape the minds and lifestyles of their students.
Proof-edited by Alexander Altaras