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The Rule of Law and Common Sense

  • The rule of law is standardizing human behavior to the point that it makes common sense useless and a sense of humor almost criminal.
  • The more people know about the law the less likely they are to use common sense: they apply the law and demand that the law be applied, even when there are more efficient ways to behave, which benefit everybody.
  • The more people know about the law the less likely they are to accept jokes: many jokes are intrinsically illegal. If i post a sign to my front door that says "President of the USA", people with a sense of humor understand that it is a joke, but lawyers understand that i'm falsely impersonating the president.
  • This literal humorless behavior is the future of society in countries that are blessed with the rule of law. These are societies driven, regulated and controlled by lawyers. Many of those lawyers are constantly looking for potential lawsuits. Common sense and a sense of humor lead people to create the premises for lawsuits. Statistically, there is at least one lawyer who will sue.
  • By definition, both common sense and a sense of humor break the law.
  • We pride ourselves for the rule of law, but we might be creating a much worse society than the ones in which the rule of law is weak.
Proof-edited by Alexander Altaras