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Hypotheses on the Omega Point

  • Consciousness's drive to total knowledge will eventually create a universe in which everything is alive and conscious... and in which every conscious being is eating other conscious beings in order to survive; a world of pure cannibals.
  • The descendants of today's conscious beings will not be moral. Morality is a relic of pre-conscious life, of the interplay of genes before intelligence overpowered genetics.
  • Life is not only about reproducing life but also about rediscovering knowledge. We are the universe's memory: the role of conscious beings is to rediscover what happened to the universe, to create the total library of all that existed, exists and can exist.
  • Knowledge is about relearning what happened before we were alive/conscious.
  • The ultimate omni-knowledgeable being will be a giant simulation of everything that ever happened, including itself. It will be the ultimate biological system.
  • The final singularity of the universe (the "Omega Point") would therefore be a simulation of everything that ever happened in the universe; an infinite loop at infinite speed.
  • However, as we discover knowledge embedded in the universe, we also use it to predict the future because this helps us survive (i.e. remain alive and conscious, i.e. discover more knowledge). There was a point at which we started discovering not only what happened in the past but also what will happen in the future.
  • As we predict more and more of the future that awaits us, we will become observers not only of the whole past but also of the whole future.
  • We (conscious beings) will eventually observe the whole past and future universe (the whole spacetime). The problem is that we will also "be" the whole spacetime. So we would be observing ourselves forever (both our past and our future selves).
  • The final singularity of the universe (the "Omega Point") would therefore be a passive enactment of the actions that our own knowledge has predicted while staring at an infinite replay of our past actions.

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