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We Hate the Planet

  • We love the planet but we run away from it. More than 50% of the world's population now lives in cities. Studies show that the economic conditions of an immigrant are often worse, not better, than they were in her/his rural village.
  • The main reason that rural people (usually, young ones) migrate to cities is that cities are "cool". Many young people feel ashamed and embarrassed if they still live in a rural village. People aim for asphalt and concrete, away from the trees, rivers and wildlife of the natural world.
  • People who want to "save the planet" are missing the point. It is not that we are accidentally destroying it: it's that we really don't like to live in this planet. We created an urban world to take the place of the natural world not because evil corporations or incompetent governments wanted so, but because we want so.
  • There is a genetic force at work that pushes humans away from their natural environment and into the artificial environment of the city; away from the unpredictable and hostile chaos of Nature and into the predictable and safe order of the city.
  • We are now creating an even more artificial world, the digital world, which adds mental order to the physical order. Again, we are not doing this because we are forced to but because the appeal is irresistible.
  • The urban person wants the comfort and fun of city life. The "digital" person wants videogames, digital music players and personal digital assistants.
  • They don't want trees, rivers and wildlife.
  • Humans are destroying their planet because, ultimately, they don't care too much for what it has to offer. They are building their own world, a world of concrete, asphalt, electricity and files.
Proof-edited by Alexander Altaras