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The Category of Non-reducibles

  • I believe that consciousness cannot be reduced to the physical: no physical explanation of how the brain works will explain why we "feel" the way we feel.
  • Some day we may have the final set of laws that explain everything that takes place in the universe. If we apply those laws to the initial state of the universe, and keep applying over and over again, eventually we may get a universe that is just like this one, tree by tree and person by person; but this simulation will not say anything about conscious beings.
  • Consciousness might not be the only thing that cannot be reduced to the physical. There might be a whole category of non-reducible entities. Is there something else whose existence cannot be predicted by physical laws?
  • If a supercomputer was programmed to play forward the history of the universe starting from the Big Bang applying all the laws of Physics, what else would never show up in the supercomputer's simulation?
Proof-edited by Alexander Altaras