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Sex and Morality

  • There was a time when sex outside marriage was considered evil. That simple assumption solved all contradictions. Women were either saints or sinners.
  • When sex outside marriage stops being a sin, the morality of sex is debatable (and what follows can be applied to men too).
  • There are women who have sex for money: these are called "prostitutes" and are in fact considered criminals in most countries. Somehow, governments think that doing manual or intellectual work for money is perfectly legal, but using sex for the same goal is not.
  • There are women who use sex to find a husband and start a family. These "pragmatic women" have sex with a smaller number of men but nonetheless use sex to achieve their goal.
  • Prostitution is illegal in many countries, but paying dinner on a date is ok, and marrying someone for his income is not only ok but advised by your parents
  • There are "party girls" who use sex not for money but just to have fun.
  • Somehow society has decided that using sex for fun is perfectly normal, and using it to find a husband is also normal, but using it to make money is not.
  • It is perfectly legal for a woman to have a child at 60 but a single woman of 25 is not allowed to adopt a child
  • Polygamy is considered immoral but Abraham and other Biblical prophets had multiple wives and so did the founder of Islam, and they are widely considered very moral people, in fact the very source of morality
  • Sex with an underage person is legal if you are underage too, which is like saying that it is ok to rob a bank if you are a banker