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The Intelligence of Limbs

  • It is often claimed that consciousness is the last mystery left for Science to explain, but there is more to a body than its brain.
  • It is possible to fool a human with the image of a landscape that has been produced on a computer.
  • When it comes to movement of life, though, we are incapable of replicating it on a machine. It takes a viewer a few seconds to tell if a scene of moving people or animals is a real scene or a computer animation. It takes a few seconds for the human brain to realize that a scene (that has required the work of dozens of the world's greatest graphic engineers and designers for thousands of hours) is just a computer animation.
  • It's not only that we cannot build a robot capable of our smooth movements: we can't even simulate that movement graphically beyond a very rudimentary degree.
  • There is obviously something that Science still does not understand about the intelligence of limbs.
Proof-edited by Alexander Altaras