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The Rise of A/C Civilizations

  • Deforestation and other human activities caused rising temperatures around the world.
  • The new temperatures caused some places to become less productive. Greece and southern Italy, for example, are now too hot for work. It is just difficult for humans to work at hot temperatures.
  • The center of mass of Western civilization has been consistently been drifting north: from Egypt and Mesopotamia to the Mediterranean Sea to Central Europe to Britain.
  • In the Islamic world the center of power shifted from Arabia to Spain to Turkey.
  • In Asia it shifted from the southern seas to the central Asian steppes (both China and India were invaded from there).
  • However, in the USA people are now moving from colder regions to warmer ones, and the hot and humid city of Singapore is a success story.
  • Singapore is, in fact, the future: air conditioning all over. Once you enclose an entire city in air conditioning there is no pollution, no allergy and no heat.
  • The air we breath is becoming as artificial as the food we eat.
  • This will allow the warmer countries to cope with rising temperatures and reverse the trend that has consistently favored slightly colder countries.