A Chronology of Events
Editor: Piero Scaruffi

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  • The communist party seizes power in Chile, Salvador Allende is elected president
  • German chancellor Willy Brand launches "Ostpolitik"
  • Oct 1970: Quebec separatists kidnap a government minister and murder him
  • Peruvian philosopher Abimael Guzman Reynoso founds the Maoist guerrilla movement Sendero Luminoso (Shining Path) at Ayacucho
  • War between India and Pakistan, Bangla Desh gains indipendence
  • India and Soviet Union sign a treaty of friendship
  • Attica prison: 33 convicts and 10 guards die in the riots
  • End of the Bretton Woods agreement and of fixed exchange rates: currencies float
  • Arab terrorists storm the Israeli dormitory at the Olympic Games
  • The Soviet Union achieves "strategic parity" in nuclear weapons
  • Richard Nixon meets with Mao
  • Richard Nixon orders carpet bombing of civilian areas in North Vietnam during the Christmas holidays
  • The Dow Jones index reaches 1000
  • Tutsis in Burundi massacre Hutus
  • Ray Tomlinson invents e-mail
  • January: Bloody Sunday in Norther Ireland (British troops shoot on a catholic demonstration and kill 13 people)
  • Jul 1972: The IRA kills 11 people in Belfast ("Bloody Friday")
  • Magnavox introduces the first video game console
  • Pinochet seizes power in Chile, 3,000 people will "disappear"
  • USA, defeated, leaves Vietnam after killing close to 2 million civilians and 1 million soldiers
  • Egypt, Syria and Jordania attack Israel
  • Oil crisis: Arab countries impose an oil embargo against the West. Oil prices skyrocket and precipitate a world recession.
  • May 1973: A hijacker blows up a Soviet flight in an attempt to reach China
  • Aug 1973: Fascist terrorists blow up a train in Bologna, Italy
  • Dec 1973: Basque terrorists kill the Spanish prime minister
  • First personal computer (Altair 8800)
  • Ethiopian king Haile Selassie is deposed by a revolution and a socialist government led by Menghitsu is installed
  • Haile Selasie is deposed by a military junta after 40 years of reign
  • Clay soldiers of Xian discovered
  • Supply-side economic theory (Arthur Laffer)
  • Astrelopitecus Lucy found in Africa
  • Turkey invades Cyprus and partitions the island in a Greek and a Turkish speaking halves
  • Revolution in Portugal
  • Sep 1974: A Pakistani terrorist group blows up a TWA flight over the Mediterranean Sea, killing all 88 passengers
  • Mar 1974: Black September terrorists seize the Saudi Arabian embassy in Sudan
  • Apr 1974: Terrorists of the PFLP-GC kill 18 Israeli civilians in Qirayt Shemona
  • May 1974: Palestinian terrorists kidnap schoolchildren and 21 people are killed when Israeli troops rescue them
  • The Baader-Meinhof in Germany and the Red Brigades in Italy terrorize the population
  • Ethiopian dictator Menghitsu starts the "red terror" that will kill 100,000 people in 3 years
  • Vienna: terrorists headed by "Carlos the Jackal" (aka Ilich Ramirez Sanchez) kidnap OPEC ministers
  • South Vietnam surrenders to North Vietnam. The US reneges on its pledge to pay $3 billion in war reparations and instead imposes an economic embargo
  • Lebanon: civil war intensifies
  • Indonesia invades East Timor after Portugal withdraws from its colony
  • Spanish dictator Franco dies and Spain turns democratic
  • Riots in Soweto, South Africa, to protest apartheid
  • First outbreak of Ebola (western Sudan and Congo)
  • Mao dies
  • The supersonic airplane Concorde begins service
  • Indonesia occupies former portuguese colony East Timor; catholic rebels start Fretilin; fighting and ethnic cleansing will eventually claim 600.000 lives
  • The first supersonic passenger plane debuts, the Concorde
  • Oct 1976: Anti-Castro terrorist Orlando Bosch blows up a Cubana flight killing all 73 passengers
  • Mysterious suicides in the Stammheim prison by members of the Baader-Meinhof
  • Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak develop the Apple II
  • Smallpox eradicated from the world
  • Voyager launched to reach other galaxies
  • A polish cardinal, Karol Wojtyla, is elected pope
  • Vietnam invades Cambodia and deposes Pol Pot.
  • Jim Jones and his believers commit a mass suicide at Jamestown, Guyana (917 dead)
  • First test tube baby (Louise Joy Brown)
  • Deng Tsiao Ping seizes the power in China and calls for reforms (end of Maoism)
  • Sandinista rebels overthrow the dictator of Nicaragua
  • First cellular phone (Ericsson)
  • Israel and Egypt sign peace treaty
  • China, Pol Pot only ally, attacks Vietnam but is defeated
  • 279,000 boat people leave Vietnam

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