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Political Analyses of 2022

December 2022:
A Political Tour of the World

November 2022:
October 2022:
September 2022:
August 2022:
Who's paying for the Western sanctions on Russia?

July 2022:
From Bamiyan to Covid...

June 2022:
USA: The Supreme Court is on track to become the LEAST trusted institution in the USA

May 2022:
Ukraine: Thoughts on Russia's Invasion of Ukraine - Part II
USA: Not "if" but "When and Where" - Guns in the USA Part 653

April 2022:
March 2022:
Russia: Putin's invasions

February 2022:
China Cracks down on Big Giants but Raises Little Giants
China's Debt
USA: Should California Declare Independence?

January 2022:
The New Byzantium: The European Union
The US Slide towards One-party Rule
The USA never was a Democracy
Politically Incorrect Facts about the Covid Pandemic
Nations in Crisis: Italy
What if there is a Secret Russia-China Pact?
USA: Trump & the Shitholes
The Real Victim of Islam: Islamic Civilization
Nations in crisis: Britain
Nations in crisis: France
USA: The Trump Inflation
Europe's Many Crises

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