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    Sinophobia & Covid-19 in US Media

    What an incredible piece of garbage Michael Auslin wrote on March 31 in the National Review. Let me preface by saying that Auslin wrote excellent books on Japan and on Asia, such as "Pacific Cosmpolitans - A Cultural History of U.S.-Japan Relations" (2011) and "The End of the Asian Century" (2017), which i ranked one of the best books of the year. But this article is pure garbage, as was his April 2 talk at Stanford. Auslin is just trying to cover up for the Trump administration's grotesque mistakes. Not a word about the criminal delays and negligence and disinformation disseminated by the president of the USA in person and by Western media like Fox News that contributed to spread the virus to millions of US citizens and will cause untold deaths. And so much vicious falsehood. It is not true that the virus came to Italy via returning Chinese residents. Towns with large Chinese communities such as Prato have the lowest number of cases. The virus most likely came to Italy from Germany, as genetic studies have shown, and it arrived in Germany via German business travelers. It is incredible how Auslin twists the facts: the virus did not come to Italy from China, but, on the contrary, it went back to China from Italy when on March 2 Qingtian in China's Zhejiang province reported the first cases by Chinese nationals returning from Italy's Lombardy region. Auslin's article forgets to mention that the Chinese officials who "knew of the seriousness of the pandemic as early as December" have been fired, and publicly shamed (Hubei's provincial party secretary Jiang Chaoliang, Wuhan's party secretary Ma Guoqiang, and the head of the Hubei Health Commission). We only wish that US politicians, responsible for the 'weapons of mass destruction" debacle, the Katrina disaster and now the covid19 massacre, were held accountable the same way. There is no evidence that top Chinese officials had advanced knowledge of what the regional Wuhan officials were hiding. Many Beijing officials traveled to Wuhan for a large January 11 event. Either they were suicidal or they had no idea of the danger. The top officials of China, including its president, spoke rarely to the nation but never once downplayed the gravity of the situation and the lethality of the virus. Compare with what the president of the USA in person did, repeatedly, almost daily, for two full months. Auslin writes that "if Beijing had acted just three weeks earlier, it could have reduced the spread of the virus by 95 percent". Maybe. Except that three weeks earlier than Jan 23 not even the whistleblower knew that people would die of this virus (the first death is of January 11). But how about if Trump had acted (or simply stopped misleading) three weeks earlier, say in mid February when he was calling it a hoax? That would have reduced the spread of the virus in the USA by almost 100 percent. That's what China, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Germany and others did, and they have only a few hundred deaths (Taiwan only has 3). Unfortunately, Trump dragged his feet for more than one month instead of following China's example. This is Trump's virus, not China's virus.
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