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Britain should quickly rejoin the EU and adopt the euro
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  • (january 2023) Britain should quickly rejoin the EU and adopt the euro.
    Three years later, the polls show that most Britons think that Brexit was a bad idea. In fact, even in 2020 most Britons didn't think it was a good idea: in 2020 (when Brexit became official) nobody considered the opinion of the people aged 18 to 22 who had not been eligible to vote in the 2016 referendum.

    Since Brexit is so unpopular you'd imagine that politicians would compete in attacking it. However, there are dogmas in politics, especially in British politics. For a long time the British establishment refused to recognize the obvious paradox of a small European island ruling over the giant Indian subcontinent. For a long time the British establishment refused to acknowledge that Germany, despite losing the war, had become the biggest European economy, not only surpassing Hitler's dreams but even dwarfing the British economy. British politicians have the unique ability of living in denial for decades before they accept the inevitable. And now the British establishment is again stubbornly resisting the obvious fact that Brexit was a mistake, based on proven lies, and that Britain is less "great" than it has ever been in the last five or six centuries.

    A weak Britain serves nobody but Putin's Russia and Xi's China. It certainly doesn't serve its population. And, yet, the ruling Conservative Party insists that Brexit is working (not that it "will" eventually work but that it is already delivering on its promises) and the opposition Labour Party promises to make it work in the future. Neither admits that, quite simply, Brexit must be undone: Britain must join the EU again, and quickly, before the gap increases too much and becomes irreversible.

    At the same time, Britain should also accept the fact that its currency is doomed to become a third-rate currency in a world dominated by the USA, China and the EU. The euro has proven to be resilient to all the Eurozone crises and even to the war in Ukraine. Britons who are terrified at the idea of surrendering power to the bureaucrats of the EU should be more terrified at the idea of having their own politicians run the country: the EU has done a much better job of increasing the quality of life of its citizens than the British government did and is doing. Britain was a member of the EU but always resisted EU rules and regulations thanks to a number of "opt-outs", so it was never fully aligned with the rest of the EU. It was, at best, half a member. Britain would be better off today if it had surrendered its sovereignty to the EU, just like most EU member states are better off today because (not in spite of) they surrendered their sovereignty.

    Britons are right to be concerned about immigration, and that's a problem that needs to be solved across the EU. With Britain inside the EU it would be more likely to be solved quickly and wisely.

    The EU doesn't need Britain, but Britain does need the EU if it doesn't want to become a footnote in history books.

    Russia's invasion of Ukraine showed (yet again) how weak Europe has become vis a vis with Russia. The response has been strong only because the USA flexed its muscles. Imagine if Biden had decided that it was not worth risking his already low approval rating on a European war. Imagine if Trump had been president: he would have congratulated Putin for a beautiful invasion! Europe needs to be able to take on Russia without gambling on the US president. Britain should not only be part of the EU but even foster a joint EU military force, commensurate with the second largest GDP in the world, bigger than China's and only slightly smaller than the USA's.

    Britain should stop being led by comedians like Boris Johnson, Theresa May, Liz Truss and now Rishi Sunak. The Economist compared Britain with Italy, (in)famous for changing prime minister all too often, but Italy's prime ministers have been top economists and technocrats, like Mario Draghi, Paolo Gentiloni, Mario Monti and Romano Prodi. Today's Britain is not like Italy: it is a lot worse, run by incompetent politicians. Tony Blair looks like a giant compared with the clowns who came after him. Bring him back?

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  • Articles on Britain published before 2023

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