Corresponding with

If you want to send me a message about history or politics, this website has over 6,000 pages: please specify which page you are writing about. The topic that you are reading is not the only topic in the world, and you are not the only reader in the world.

The most annoying emails are about "genocides" committed here and there. Please provide: date (at least the year), location and the name of the person who ordered it; otherwise it is just gossip (or, worse, propaganda). And please don't embarrass yourself: it is incredible how many people don't know the meaning of "20th century" and send me emails about a page that is clearly titled "The worst genocides of the 20th and 21st Centuries" and start talking about genocides committed in previous centuries (even the Atlantic Slave trade and the "Indian wars").

Also please read the notes at the bottom of that page, so you don't send me the 1,000,000th rant about the recent president or party or superpower that you dislike (a fact that may have more to do with your psychological imbalances than with historical facts, and therefore might be of interest to your relatives and neighbors but not to the world at large).

If you are NOT writing to vent your partisan feelings against current politicians, i welcome corrections and additions: my current email address is here.