The Iraqi liberation war

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Democracy 2 - Islam 0


The biggest mistakes of the Iraqi invasion

The Arabs never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity

The battle of Falluja

Problems we didn't foresee before the war in Iraq

Let's keep the United Nations out of Iraq

What the terrorists want in Iraq

The Europacifists just don't get it

Comparing the two Iraqi wars


Where are the weapons of mass destruction?

American censorship in Iraq

What is happening in Iraq

Who benefits from Iraqi terrorism

Iraq: a farce of lies.

Why the ayatollah is right and Bush is wrong

The war in Iraq and the world media

The losers: France, Germany and Russia

This time, Europacifist should do the right thing

A history lesson

The defeat of Europacifism

Censorship in Europe and in the Arab world

Anti-French racism

What Americans should learn from history

Bush's reasons to go to war

The real problem is Chirac, not Saddam

Europeans march for peace

World War III?

The pact of steel between Chirac and Saddam

The Iraqi crisis is reshaping the world alliances


The geopolitics of France

Chirac teaches the USA a lesson in political strategy

What Americans should learn from history

The world on the war against Iraq

Who has weapons of mass destruction

What is wrong with the United Nations

Osama's and Saddam's supporters in Europe

The case against Iraq

What it takes to take on Saddam.


A grand vision for the Arab world

Best Al Jazeera lies

The Iraqi liberation war: an assessment

Don't let the United Nations hijack the victory

Next: Syria?

Reasons not to go to war

Why Saddam must go

The facts about Iraq

How many Iraqi civilians are killed by the sanctions?

The truth about the United Nations "oil for food" program in Iraq.


The Europacifists' desperate struggle to save Saddam Hussein

Who is concerned for the Iraqi civilians?

Did the USA give Saddam the bacteriological weapons?

The Iraqi nuclear program