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Netanyahu's War - Part II - The Genocide
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  • (January 2024) Netanyahu's War - Part II - The Genocide

    A deranged Netanyahu is out to start a larger war in the Middle East in order to avoid going to jail. The USA and its allies need to intervene and overthrow Netanyahu's government in order to avoid a much bigger war. Peace is not possible without the removal of Netanyahu. And the conflict will eventually engulf the West.
    As i wrote in Netanyahu’s War , the Hamas terrorist attack was the direct result of Netanyahu’s policies and actions. He allowed Hamas to amass a fortune via Qatar and to acquire weapons from Iran, knowing that Hamas was becoming a military threat. He wanted the terrorist attack and, short of personally engineering it, he let it happen, leaving the Gaza-Israel border virtually unguarded after transferring most Israeli troops from the Gaza front to the West Bank (to protect illegitimate Jewish settlers deployed there to provoke Palestinians). He needs to stay in power to be sure he stays out of jail, as he stands trial on corruption charges, and the only way to remain in power is to keep Israel in a permanent state of war. He assisted Hamas into attacking Israel so that the Israeli public would stop asking for his resignations. Netanyahu is responsible for the massacres, rapes, beheadings, burnings, and abductions of October 2023 as much as Hamas is. And now he is also responsible for the massacre of thousands of Gaza civilians, and don't tell me that being dismembered under an Israeli bomb is any less atrocious than being beheaded.
    Worse: Israel has completely discredited the West. Netanyahu's war is the biggest gift to Russia. It distracted from the Russian invasion of Ukraine, it stretched the US military budget, and it makes the West look hypocritical to the whole world (Netanyahu is free to kill 20,000 Palestinian civilians in two months while Putin is deemed a war criminal for killing 10,000 Ukrainian civilians in two years of war). Netanyahu, not Hamas, is the real enemy of the West. Right now the unhinged Netanyahu is one of the most dangerous people in the world.
    Netanyahu, Israel’s prime minister for most of the past 15 years, has turned Israel into a rogue country. It is not only Muslims who ask for the destruction of the state of Israel: it is most of the world. As a man told me in Thailand: why doesn't the USA relocate the Jews of Israel in Utah or Texas? The USA is the only country that still views Israel in a favorable light.
    Israel has to face another dreadful fact: who voted Netanyahu in power? who elected the most right-wing government in Israel's history? Hamas? No, it was the majority of Israelis. There is a cancer inside Israel and we are losing hope that it can be stopped. The radical orthodox Jews are multiplying like rabbits while many progressive Israelis are leaving the country. It doesn't bode well for the future of a state that was born as a socialist state. Netanyahu's government was tolerating racist attacks against West Bank Palestinians by fanatical Jewish settlers because these fanatical Jews are rapidly becoming the kingmakers. Make no mistake: the radical orthodox Jews of Israel are no less genocidal than Hamas. They share with radical Islamic jihadists like Al Qaeda and ISIS many traits. They are Jewish jihadists, possibly even more dangerous than Al Qaeda and ISIS (Israel has nuclear bombs, Al Qaeda and ISIS don't). These radical orthodox Jews have zero sympathy for the USA, the West, human civilization or anything other than their stupid medieval superstitions: they would not hesitate to annihilate the entire planet if they think this will be good for their religious cause. If you think that bombing Hamas is a good idea, why not also bomb the Israeli ultra-orthodox Jews? Aren't they terrorists too? And nuclear-armed ones!
    Arab states have not severed relations with Israel, suggesting they are not too unhappy at the prospect that Israel will wipe up Hamas from the face of the Earth. Arab states have played this double game ever since: officially they support the Palestinian cause, but in practice they are even more worried than Israel about Hamas and the other militant Palestinian groups. It's easier for a US citizen to travel around the Islamic world than it is for a Palestinian. The truth is that the Arab states do NOT want a Palestinian state run by Hamas: it would crown Hamas as the victorious Islamic group and create a dangerous precedent for all the Arab states run by kings and dictators.
    Netanyahu is right about one thing: after the October 2023 attack, there cannot be a Palestinian state next to Israel run by Hamas. It's like asking the USA to accept a state next to its border run by Al Qaeda.
    What is happening to the Palestinians is horrible: it is horrible that half of them (Gaza Strip) are ruled by the terrorists of Hamas and the other half (West Bank) are ruled by the corrupt kleptocracy of the Palestinian Authority. It is also horrible that no Muslim country dares to condemn Hamas and the Palestinian Authority in public. What is happening to the Palestinians is horrible, but the Palestinians also have themselves to blame: they never rose up against their dictators, dictators who claimed that Israel was the real dictator when in fact Israel was simply complicit in the dictatorship but certainly not the one stealing money from ordinary Palestinian families. The "innocent" Gaza civilians who are now paying a huge price for the October 2023 attacks are not completely innocent: it is hard to believe that in such a densely populated area like Gaza the ordinary civilians didn't know that Hamas was arming and rehearsing a major attack. If there are 20 thousand Hamas fighters out of a Gaza population of 2 million, it means that there is one Hamas fighter for every 100 people. And so one side of the story that is not being told by the media is that the "innocent" Gaza civilians are complicit with Netanyahu in causing this tragedy: they let it happen just like Netanyahu let it happen, they tolerated Hamas just like Netanyahu did. Nobody forced Hamas on the people of Gaza: the people of Gaza never did anything to get rid of Hamas and didn't try to stop Hamas from carrying out this attack.
    As for the Muslims of the world who did NOT protest against the barbaric Hamas attacks but DID protest by the millions against Israel's military campaign, someone should remind them that the Kurds of Turkey still don't have a country, the Balochis in Pakistan don't, the Saharawis live in the Algerian desert after Morocco stole their land, the Darfuris are being massacred by the thousands in Sudan by Arab militias, Assad is still in power in Syria after killing half a million of his people, and non-Muslims have been all but ethnically cleansed from Pakistan and many other Islamic countries. Israel is evil, but what about the many Islamic countries that commit the same sins, and often on a much bigger scale?

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